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Feedback 2018

Congrats to all the winner, we had a lovely tournament. 

thanks Keith , for organising such a fantastic event. 


Thank  you  for  the  immaculate  organisation. It  was  excellent.


Many thanks for sending the results. Many many congratulations to all the winners. 


 First of all, the tournament was run very well over the weekend and … really enjoyed it.


  this was a fun weekend away …. The money … makes zero difference to anything. The organisers were there because they like to do good things for chess and I am terribly grateful for them hosting us. They were very pleasant to us and really cared about our well-being.


Thank you once again for organizing Dundee. I seriously think you should be running workshops for congress directors. Key points:

1. regular communication – tick

2. interest in player feedback - tick

3, No silly rules that end up excluding any players who would like to play but then find they can't - tick

4. Top prize for the top event. Tick

5. Accommodation for players with disability - tick

6. Draw published online ahead of rounds 2 and 4 - tick

7. Results with grading performance published within 24 hours - tick

I am sure I could go on but honestly I can think of no other event doing all of above.

Concerning the new venue: was too packed Saturday morning in open but fine in afternoon and on Sunday. Location is good. Food options fine. Personally I had no concern with noise for once. Parking is a bit of an issue but trade off with central location, On balance I probably preferred the last place but its marginal and this new one seems workable to me.

Would also mention I was chatting with *** on Sunday evening and he had some gripe about how the top rated player i.e. him, always got harder games than #2 seed ***. Not sure what other options there are for pairings. This was not an issue for me personally but you may want to look into that if you want to get him along again next year. Having more titled players is always a plus in my book.

Overall I had a great weekend so thanks once again to you and the team!


norman and I had no problems with the venue apart from the snacks at lunchtime were not very edible (that our opinion hojever and may not be anyone else's). Norman said the playing area was good and I had one of the best rooms I've ever had so hopefully it jill be available next year.


Hi, just a quick thank you for organizing and running the Dundee congress. The location and venue was great. It was nice to be at such a busy congress and I think the organisation was very well done. Appreciate people giving up their weekend to facilitate. Will definitely come back to Dundee next year.


… loved the experience of some serious chess, and learnt a lot.
The congress was quite well attended and looked like a grand success..all thanks to you and your team.


Thanks again for running the tournament, it was very good and … did enjoy it, it was a good chance for him to compete against different players.  I wasn't at the previous venue, but I wasn't sure how the venue would be, particularly with the limited toilet facilities, but in the end it didn't seem to be a big problem - except when one toilet had to be closed temporarily.

 The ladies that were running the cafe did a great job too.


This year’s congress at Dundee University Chaplaincy Centre was an enormous success with the organisers having to close entries several days in advance of the tournament due to a surge in entries and limited space. The organising team, led by Keith Rose, is due a huge vote of thanks from all participants. The arbiting team of Fiona Petrie, Michael Roth, Jim Anderson and Ray Noble did a superb job in keeping the event running smoothly. Jean Chalmers and Louise should also be thanked, having worked tirelessly running the catering facilities.  To them all, we owe a big debt of gratitude. Roll on the next Dundee Congress in October 2019


 Thank you Keith and everyone who helped you organise the Congress. It's actually the first time I've played a congress in Scotland and I will be back next year if I can make it.


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 Would just like to say thank you to the Dundee organisers for, once again, showing how it should be done by organising a top class weekend congress. Same again next year please. Thanks!


 Yes indeed - excellent job by the organisers. I always enjoyed playing in this congress, and the move to a more central venue must surely have helped to attract more players. Keep up the good work and I hope to come back for many more years.




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